HVAC Preventative Maintenance: The Dollars and Sense

Understanding HVAC preventative maintenance pricing can be one of the more frustrating aspects of HVAC Preventative Maintenance shopping for an agreement.

When you consider that there are no industrywide standards when it comes to preventive maintenance agreements for HVAC systems and parts — as well as all of the added-on services that can be applied to an agreement, the age and projected life of the equipment, the complexity of today’s systems and, in some quarters, the lack of familiarity with older systems — comparing prices from one vendor to another is no easy task.

A good place to start is at the baseline of each type of agreement from each vendor so you can evaluate what’s included. After your research, you may find that purchasing a higher level of coverage is more cost effective than purchasing a basic agreement and adding a la carte services.

Obviously, a lower price is always an attractive selling point. However, there are other things to take into consideration when purchasing something as important as a preventive maintenance agreement.

For example, you want to be sure your vendor has demonstrated the experience to do the job right, and that they’re going to be in business for the long haul. You should also ask for lists of references from all of the vendors you are considering, as well as check into independent reviews.

Interested in learning more about how to effectively choose a maintenance agreement? Grab our free guide to HVAC Preventative Maintenance Contracts: How to Find the Right One for Your Infrastructure.

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